Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm still here!

Wow!!! Where has the time gone!!
I'm a pathetic blogger!!!  I can't seem to keep up with this at all anymore - too many other things keeping me busy.
Before christmas I was busy with school and our big Christmas concert. Plus I started creating some signs so I had a few markets to go to and extra orders for friends to do. Kept me busy but I enjoyed it.

Thanks for stopping by though and not giving up on me. :)

I'd love to share some projects with you.  I was going to share a bunch of christmas/holiday related things but that's kind of over now so I'll just share a few things that I've been working on.

These are projects that I created for Silhouette America.
I love creating for this company!! Love it!!

This month I challenged myself to use the Silhouette MINT on my layouts.  It was so fun to create stamps that I can use over and over for years to come!!  That little machine is incredible.

Each of my layouts that I shared on the Silhouette blog have a full tutorial as well.  I'd love for you to pop by and check them out!! If you haven't seen the MINT in action or don't know about it then these tutorials will be very helpful. Click HERE to read my tutorial.

On this layout I used a stamped image of a cute little winter penguin.

I was thrilled with how this layout turned out and couldn't wait to share it.
I used the FREE shape of the week (which was a snowflake design and card base) to create a stamp design.  A full tutorial is posted on the blog HERE for this layout below.

Ah, my 3 munchkins!
I used a stamp design (which I altered & changed up a bit) to create the background design of my layout.
Again, there's a full tutorial on the Silhouette blog.

And ..... here's a sneak peek of something I'm sharing this Thursday on the Silhouette blog.
Another layout and another full tutorial. You won't want to miss it!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Silhouette America Black Friday DEALS!!

Ok my fellow Silhouette lovers!!!

This post is for you!!!
Silhouette America is having the most amazing sales on right now .

Black Friday deals are happening right now!!! And you don't want to miss out on the amazing opportunity to stock up on all of your favourite items OR better yet ... get yourself an early Christmas present!!!

You can get these deals by using my promo code BLACK when you check out.  
The link you'll need to head to is   
That is where you will enter the promo code.  
MAKE SURE TO ENTER THAT CODE otherwise you will note receive the discount!!

Here are all the amazing deals!

- Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 (Free shipping for orders over $50.00 ends December 4th, 2015 and is only available to the contiguous United States).

- 40% off almost everything in the Silhouette America store 

- 20% off Silhouette Design Store Subscriptions using code BLACK

- machine bundles as low as $99.99 including 
*Silhouette Mint $99.99
*Portrait & Mint $189.99
*CAMEO $199.99
*CAMEO & Portrait $289.99

Lots more bundles featured on the site!!
So make sure to hop on over and check it all out!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Back at it ...

I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time as life just takes over sometimes.  Too many things to do and remember and this mama brain can't do it all anymore.  So I'll just try to catch up when I can.

Life is going to start to get crazy in a couple of days so I'm prepping myself by trying to get ready. I've had a great summer with my kids and I'm truly sad that they have to go back.  Perhaps part of that is that I have to go back to work too!! Haha!!  But it's all good.  Routine is good and even though they say they aren't looking forward to it - they really are.

Anyways ....
Here's some layouts/projects that I've shared online just recently.

Some Simple Stories layouts ....

Here's a layout I created for Silhouette America using the free shape at the beginning of September. (check their blog for more details).

I created this mini album (more pics are posted on the Silhouette America blog) from our time together this past summer.

And this layout I created for the Silhouette America blog (more details & pics are up on the blog)

I'll have more to share again this month.

Plus I've been working on some other projects that I hope to share with you later this month.  So stay tuned!!

Time Flies!

Wow!!  I can't believe that our summer is coming to an end.   Just a few more days and the kids go back to school.  All getting older and entering new grades and some new schools.  Lots of changes this year, that's for sure.


today is the young lady's 15th birthday!!!

1st day of Kindergarten (2005(

15 years old (2015)

I can't believe how time has flown by!!!  I love you girl!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Summer Life

Hello again.
Summer life seems to be keeping us busy.  Which is good because we've been having such a heat wave here this year.
As of today we have another 5 week of summer vacation!! Yeah!!!
This month will be a bit different though as a couple of weeks the kids are going to camp so I'll have one less child sometimes.  That always feels a bit weird too.  And when they're gone I miss them terribly! Good thing it's only a week!!

I've been working on some DIY handyman type projects but not quite finished them yet so I'll share them later.

But I do have a few layouts (that I created last month) that I can share with you, if you're interested. :)

These 2 were created for the Simple Stories blog. Love the fun new collections.

This layout below I used a photo flip booklet so that I could add more photos. They are super great to use on layouts when you don't have enough room on your page to show them all.

I also created some layout for the Silhouette America blog.
The one below was a tutorial on using the 'stitched' files.  This took a bit of time but I love the way it turned out.

And here's another Silhouette layout that I made last month.  I used the Silhouette Rhinestone template material on this one (this really helps you create a clean design).

Well that's it for now.
Hope all my Canadian friends have a great holiday Monday!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY Kitchen Sign

We're enduring a rather hot spell right now and it takes the energy right out of me. So I'm trying to get as much done as possible in the morning hours before we all melt with the afternoon heat.

Last week I finished up a sign for my kitchen.  I love how easy & fun this little project was.

I bought a piece of wood  (pine - approx. 48"in length by 6" wide and 1" deep) from Home Depot.

I first covered the bare wood and brushed on some Wood Conditioner.  This product helps your stain go on evenly.  It's not a must but I recommend it.

Once is was dried I applied a stain (Espresso coloured) overtop. I didn't leave the stain on for very long and then wiped it off with a rag. I love how the stain brings out the grain of the wood.
I could have applied another layer if I wanted it darker but I liked the way it was.

(and no!!  I didn't spill any stain .... that was from other DIY projects)

I let the stain dry for several hours (actually still the next day) and then I brushed on another stain called Pickling.  It's like a whitewash. I wanted to have a grey weather look. (Sorry I don't have a picture of the can. ) But THIS is what I used.
I worked in small sections when I applied this.  Once you 've brushed it on you immediately wipe it off and you'll notice a 'whiter' look to the wood.  IF you're wanting a more whitewashed look then you can leave it on longer.

Once the board was completely dried I applied a stencil that I made using my Silhouette CAMEO and some Stencil material.

I used some white paint overtop of the stencil to fill in each letter.

Before it was completely dry I took off the stencil.
I loved how it turned out.

I then just lightly sanded the edges of the wood and a little bit over the white letters to rough things up a wee bit.

Well that's it.  I've already got a dozen more ideas rolling around in my head and can't wait to get started on them!

Thanks for stopping by today.
Have a great week!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Scrapbooking .... long overdue post!!

Well, it's been a while since I shared some scrappy work here so .... here goes!! (*WARNING .... it's long!!)

I've got a few layouts that I've done for Simple Stories. I always love their collections and they keep coming out with amazing new products.

Here's some things that I've created in the past few months. You can hop on over to the Simple Stories blog and see more close-up pictures of these layouts and a brief write-up as well.

I've also been busy working on projects for Silhouette America.  Can I just say (yet again) that I love my CAMEO!!!

Phew!  I told you it was a long post!

And if you've made it down here to the end - thank you!  I hope that I've inspired you creatively in some small way!!!